Emmanuel & Keiran


Emmanuel & Keiran

It’s all about learning how to be there for my daughter, to help her learn and grow.

Emmanuel’s wife was expecting a baby, and he wanted to be the best father he could be. So when he heard about CDR through word of mouth, he didn’t hesitate to contact the agency.

After an initial appointment, Emmanuel signed up for Rookie Dads, a class offered through CDR’s Fatherhood program. He wanted to learn how to care for his new baby and support his wife through labor and delivery. Emmanuel’s wife, Tammy, also wanted to prepare for their daughter’s birth. Through CDR’s Parents as Teachers (PAT) program, Tammy received prenatal health information and learned how to prepare herself for labor and motherhood.

“The services helped us those first few months,” says Emmanuel. “We learned how to hold a baby, feed and bundle her. It gave us a heads up on what was to come.”

Emmanuel’s early experiences with CDR services were only the beginning. Once his daughter, Keiran, was born, Emmanuel continued to improve his parenting skills and expand his knowledge about early childhood education and his daughter’s development by working with CDR staff and participating in CDR programs.

“It’s all about learning how to be there for my daughter, to help her learn and grow,” he said.

Through PAT, the family meets every two weeks with a family consultant who shows them how to childproof their home and how to help their daughter work on the skills she’ll need to use in school when the time comes. In addition, Emmanuel discusses parenting challenges and solutions with other moms and dads in Parent Group while Keiran learns and plays in Developmental Playgroup.

“I learn from being with other parents,” says Emmanuel. “We share stories and learn that we’re not alone. We’re all in this parenting thing together.”

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