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How CDR Is Managing Through the Pandemic

Friends are wondering how they can help CDR and the families we serve at this unprecedented time. We need your help more than ever and hope you will include CDR in your philanthropy this summer.

Our offices are closed, during which time we are proud to report that our therapists and family consultants are proceeding with important assessments, teletherapy and virtual visits. Staff and parents alike look forward to a time when we can return to live visits, but until then, the “tele-approaches,” emails, and phone calls are working. Children who need CDR’s services are receiving them, thanks to support from our wonderful friends in the community.

We appreciate all gifts to CDR and hope you’ll consider one now. If you’d like to do so, please click on “Make a Gift” at the top of this page. The CARES Act has made giving more beneficial than ever, and we’ve outlined below some points we hope will persuade you to support us.

If you have any questions, please call Mary Jean Hurst, Director of Development, at 757/566-2844, or email at

For 2020 and beyond, a $300 above‐the‐line deduction is allowed for taxpayers who elect not to itemize and who make cash contributions to public charities other than donor advised funds and supporting organizations.

•       Qualifying cash contributions made by individuals in the year 2020 to public charities (other than donor advised funds and supporting organizations) are deductible up to 100% of AGI, reduced by the amount of contributions otherwise deductible under normal AGI limitation rules.

•       The 10% early withdrawal penalty for up to $100,000 of distributions from certain retirement plans and IRAs is waived for qualifying coronavirus‐related distributions made during 2020.

Families with children who have developmental delays and disabilities cannot wait to receive early intervention. The services are time sensitive so that they can make an impact on the trajectory of the child’s development.  For our families at risk due to poverty and other factors, isolation and the increase in financial stress can be devastating.

Our staff recognizes the need to connect families to resources and to build on our strong relationships with families to offer support and guidance on ways to keep their children engaged and learning and penetrate the loneliness many are feeling at this challenging time.

Thank you for your support in helping local families through this pandemic and for the last 55 years.

Give One-Time or Recurring Gifts Online

With CDR’s online giving system, it’s easy to give a one-time gift or an automatic monthly gift via your credit card. With a gift of just $10/month, you can provide $120 of annual support. With $120, CDR therapists can provide an hour of in-home therapy that teaches parents how to do therapeutic work with their son or daughter every day.

Write a Check

We love when the check is in the mail! Write to us at:
Child Development Resources
Post Office Box 280
Norge, VA 23127-0280

Donate Stock

Save on capital gains taxes. Donate appreciated stock. (You can actually donate something that will be worth more as a deduction than what you originally paid for it! How cool is that?)

Be sure you or your broker provide your name and address to CDR, the name and number of securities transferred, and the stock valuation on the date of transfer. Here’s the CDR account information you and your broker need to know.
Brokerage: Wells Fargo, LLC
Phone Number: 888-465-8422
DTC Number: 0141
Account Name: Child Development Resources
Account Number: 2212-8491

Amazon Wish List

Access our Amazon Wish List to find supplies we need for our therapists, home advocates, and the families we serve, just Click Here.

Donate through United Way or the Combined Federal Campaign

If you give through the United Way, please designate Child Development Resources as the recipient of your contribution.  For the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), please designate code #69284. Thank you for your gift.

Questions? Call 757-566-3300 and ask for Development, or email us at
CDR’s EIN is 54-0791991.

Special Giving Opportunities for Those 70-1/2 and Older

You can make tax-free gifts to CDR directly from your Traditional IRA, up to $100,000 each year (postmarked by December 31). These gifts count toward your Required Minimum Distribution. This popular provision in the tax code, made permanent in 2015, applies to all qualified donors, whether or not you itemize. While these charitable IRA distributions are non-deductible, they:

  • Do not increase your taxable income and are therefore tax-free;
  • Count toward your Required Minimum Distribution; and
  • Can be used to make your annual gifts and pledge payments to CDR for unrestricted support, Endowment, and/or other purposes.

Another alternative would be making a gift of appreciated securities, which would allow you to avoid paying tax on the gains.

These gifts are easy to make, but there are special steps you must follow.  Check with your financial advisor to determine if a Charitable IRA distribution is right for you.

Include us in your estate plans!

We would love for you to consider a planned gift to CDR in your will, which would enroll you as a member of the Winsten Society, a group of benefactors who have included CDR in their estate plans or made other planned gifts to CDR. Unless otherwise specified, all estate gifts are added to the CDR Corinne W. Garland Endowment Fund for Children, named in honor of former CDR Executive Director Corinne Garland.  This endowment fund is invested and managed carefully to provide ongoing support of CDR’s work in perpetuity.

If you prefer to restrict your bequest for a specific program, we encourage you or your advisor to discuss your plans with CDR’s Development office to ensure that CDR will be able to fulfill your intentions.

There are many ways to include CDR in your estate plan:

  • Make a gift of cash, securities, or other property.
  • Designate a specific dollar amount, particular asset, or a fixed percentage of your estate to CDR.
  • Leave all or a portion of your residuary estate to CDR after providing for your other beneficiaries.
  • Name CDR as a contingent beneficiary of your estate in the event your other beneficiaries do not survive you.
  • Leave a gift to CDR from your retirement plan, IRA or life insurance policy.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of naming Child Development Resources in your estate plans, please click here for more information. If you would like to make a bequest, please fill out and mail this form.

And, finally, we’d like to be able to thank you for your gift and include you in Winsten Society events.  Please do let us know if you have included CDR in your will. For more information, please write to or call 757-566-3300 to discuss with the Director of Development or the Executive Director.

We are deeply grateful to the following Winsten Society members who have made generous provisions for CDR in their estates:

Betsy Anderson
Jayne Barnard
Allison Brody
Charles and Ginny Crone
John and Julia Curtis
Susie Dorsey
Michelle Eichorn
Sara Joyce Fogarty
Brian and Lynn Ford
Bill and Rita Francavilla*
Adrienne Frank and Gary Driscole
Edward and Myrna Frankle
Molly and Matt Galo
Charles and Corinne Garland
Wally Glisson
Roger and Ann Hall
Dottie Haramis
Sarah Houghland
Mary Jean and Ron Hurst
Bernice Kimball
Jack and Barbara Kniest
Eric McDonald
Edward and Cherry Robinson
Marc and Shawni Roth
Paul Scott
Lisa Thomas
James and Donna Thornton
Jean Van Tol
Mary L. Voorhess

* Winsten Society honorary co-chairs

Questions or concerns about your child? Call CDR’s TOTS line at 757-566-TOTS.

¿Tiene preguntas acerca de su bebé o niño? llame al 757-566-3300.