LaShane & Avery


LaShane & Avery

This is such a positive place,
not just for the children, but for the parents as well.

Few parents know how to properly care for a baby born prematurely, so when Lashane’s daughter, Avery, was born ahead of time, the new mom turned to CDR for help.

Soon after coming home from the hospital, Avery began working with a CDR physical therapist to strengthen her muscles and develop her fine and gross motor skills. While Avery received therapy, Lashane worked with a Parents as Teachers family consultant to learn more about parenting and to connect with the local resources they needed. “It was nice to have someone looking out for us,” she says.

Avery made such good progress that when she turned one, the therapist told Lashane that her daughter didn’t need therapy anymore. But Lashane had another challenge: she needed daycare for Avery so she could work and provide for her family. Her CDR family consultant recommended that Lashane look into CDR’s First Steps Child Care and Development Center at Lafayette High School. Lashane and Avery qualified for the program, and Avery immediately made friends and began bonding with her teachers.

“Everyone has been so positive!” Lashane says. “Everyone knows us personally. I’m not just another parent. This is my support group.”

Avery has thrived at First Steps, and her mom doesn’t worry whether she’ll be ready for Kindergarten when the time comes. “Her vocabulary has really taken off, she’s using complete sentences, and she even knows all of her shapes,” Lashane says. “She wakes up every day ready to go. She wants to see her friends and her teachers.”

While Avery will move on to public school next year, First Steps will still be there for Lashane’s family: her infant son, Brayden, recently started there. “This is such a positive place,” Lashane says. “Not just for the children, but for the parents as well.”

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