Cadence’s Story

Cadence’s Story

Cadence_success1When my youngest daughter, Cadence, was diagnosed at birth with Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome), it was a complete surprise to me and my family. However, less than two weeks later, Kara Trahant, a Speech and Language Pathologist from CDR’s Infant & Parent program, arrived on our doorstep, with her ready smile and constant encouragement. Kara visited our home once a week for almost three years; she worked with me on breast feeding, and with Cadence on facial muscle tone and then speech therapy. Kara was later joined by Lynn Wolfe, who helped Cadi with occupational therapy twice a month.

Three years is a long time and Kara and Lynn now seem like family to me–and to Cadi! I’m truly saddened to know that we no longer hold our Friday morning spot in their appointment books. Now that she’s three, Cadence has transferred to the public school preschool program for her speech and occupational therapy. She is now cheerfully hopping onto the school bus in the mornings with her little Elmo backpack. This transition has been an easy one for my petite 3-year-old, thanks to Kara and Lynn from CDR!

As a parent to a child with a disability, I truly understand the saying that it takes a village to raise a child. Thank you, Kara and Lynn, and thank you CDR, for being such a dedicated and caring part of my village!

-Jennifer Smith Ferrell

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