Team Adam

Team Adam

54The spring of 2013 was a sad time for the Marceron family. Aaron and Katie’s son, Adam, had been making great strides in CDR’s Infant & Parent Program. But he suddenly began having seizures and losing many of the skills he had developed over time. After numerous medical tests, a diagnosis finally came.

“We were told Adam had a neuro-degenerative disease. It was a devastating diagnosis,” says Katie. “Adam may not have a very long life.”

The news shook the Marcerons to the core. Katie admits her immediate reaction to Adam’s diagnosis was crippling.

“For a few days, I didn’t even know how to get out of bed,” she said. “I needed something positive to focus on, something to pull me out of a sad place.”

The Marcerons needed inspiration. And they didn’t have to look very far to find it, because CDR was in the midst of planning the agency’s annual Vineyards 5K fundraiser.

“I realized that we could help other families who had children with special needs, and we could create a legacy for Adam at the same time.”

Team Adam was created, and the Marcerons immediately began fundraising for the team. The support from family and friends was overwhelming. Donations flooded Team Adam’s online page, and it was soon the top fundraising team in the Friends and Family category.

“We had friends from all over the country supporting Team Adam, people we hadn’t spoken to in 14 years,” Katie says. “They were inspired by Adam and by our family. They wanted to help us take terrible news and turn it into something positive.”

Adam continues to inspire others to donate to CDR, and Katie’s hope is that he will continue to do so. “I want people to talk about Adam and Team Adam long into the future.”

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