Griffin-Yeates Learning Center


Griffin-Yeates Learning Center

Location:  1490 Government Road, Williamsburg, Virginia

In 1990, York County teamed with CDR to open First Steps, a full-day, year-round child care center for young children from low-income families.  This EHS center is also supported by the United Way and CDR’s Fund for Children. Children enrolled at the Griffin-Yeates Center must live in York County. This center is operated at no charge to the families.

The center is open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and follows the York County Public School’s emergency closing procedures.

The Griffin-Yeates Center also houses the York County Children and Family Services/Head Start offices and four Head Start classrooms.  This proximity to other community resources in York County helps families whose children will be transitioning to Head Start.

Questions or concerns about your child? Call CDR’s TOTS line at 757-566-TOTS.

¿Tiene preguntas acerca de su bebé o niño? llame al 757-566-3300.