Sinjin’s Journey


Sinjin’s Journey

The joys of seeing your child reach traditional milestones is invaluable.

Vasu never thought her second pregnancy would be anything but normal. Her first pregnancy had been easy, and her baby had been born healthy at 41 weeks gestation. When Vasu’s second son, Sinjin, was born at a mere 26 weeks, his parents were unprepared for the arduous journey ahead of them.

Doctors told the couple that their son had an 85 percent chance of survival, and that they should be prepared for a host of physical and developmental problems. Sinjin spent 95 days in the neo-natal intensive care unit at Riverside Regional Medical Center. When he finally came home, his mother didn’t waste any time contacting CDR. “I knew early intervention would be critical for him,” says Vasu.

Sinjin began working with a CDR physical therapist, and speech and occupational therapy soon followed. “Our therapists never made any promises to us,” Vasu says. “What they did do was show us how to help our son and help him reach his potential.”

With the tireless support of his parents and therapists, Sinjin rose to the many challenges facing him. By the age of 2 1/2 he had learned to crawl, walk, run, and talk. “The joys of seeing your child reach traditional milestones is invaluable,” says Vasu.

“I would not wish having a child with a disability or developmental delay on any parent,” Vasu says. “But if they find themselves in that circumstance, I would wish that their child was taken care of by such kind and knowledgeable professionals as those at CDR. We were given the tools, training and most importantly the encouragement that we needed to help our son.”

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