Waskey Family


Waskey Family

At CDR we found support, self-confidence, and friendship.

Even before the delivery of their triplets, Julie and Chris Waskey knew that one of their children might have Down Syndrome. When Nadia, Andrew, and Ryan were born seven weeks early, the couple found out that their daughter had not only Down Syndrome, but a heart problem as well. “We were first-time parents and we didn’t know what to do,” Julie says. The hospital didn’t provide the information Julie and Chris felt they needed. But an encounter with a hospital nurse changed everything.

“She told us to contact CDR,” Julie explains.  Almost as soon as she and the triplets were sent home, she did just that.

“I was really amazed at how quickly everything happened,” says Julie. “CDR was so prompt. Before we knew it we had an assessment and then CDR walked us through the whole process and explained everything we needed to know.”

Through CDR’s Infant & Parent Program, Nadia received physical, speech, and occupational therapy, and her brother Ryan received speech therapy. Nadia and her brothers also attended CDR’s Developmental Playgroup, where they worked on their fine and gross motor skills while they had fun interacting with their peers.

“Nadia did so well,” says her mom proudly. “At 1 ½ years of age, she was crawling and walking. She also learned how to feed herself, and how to take direction from someone other than me.”

The impact of the Waskeys’ experience with CDR can’t be overstated, Julie says. “CDR helped us through this. We had awesome support and education. I am so appreciative that our therapists still allow me to contact them with questions and concerns, even though our children are no longer with the agency. At CDR we found support, self-confidence, and friendship.”

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