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Pregnant Women

At CDR, we know that some of the most important family support takes place before birth.

EHS and PAT staff links families to community resources that can help support them during and after their pregnancy. 

A mother can receive help or support for breastfeeding in the home or during breastfeeding support groups. Once born, the baby can receive screenings and help with health and development with EHS and PAT staff.


Pregnant women who need support due to financial or other issues that affect their family to ensure that each baby gets the best start in life.


CDR offers prenatal home visits, family support for the health and development of the newborn, and a breastfeeding group.


Through Early Head Start and Parents as Teachers, prenatal women receive monthly home visits to share information on what to expect during pregnancy and before the baby arrives.


A nurse visits the family within two weeks of the birth to offer support and answer questions.

To find out more or to apply for the program, please call CDR’s Central Point of Entry


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Questions or concerns about your child? 

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