Annual Report 2021-22

Letter from the Executive Director


Transforming lives begins with a first step.

Paul F. Scott
Executive Director

Every story begins, well, at the beginning. Here at CDR, every story starts with a first step. For a child the first step may be an important assessment to diagnose developmental delays. Or maybe the first step is receiving specialized therapies in the child’s home or the chance to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. For parents, the first step may be receiving parenting support and education from someone they trust.

With your support, CDR has accomplished a great deal this past year, in spite of the challenges faced by most non-profits in the post-Covid world. The accomplishments of the CDR staff and the families they serve are truly amazing, and we tell many of their stories in this publication.

This past year, thanks to friends like you, CDR provided services to more than 1,200 local children and their families facing a range of challenges. Through its expert training staff, CDR extended its reach across Virginia by offering early childcare providers the consultation, mentoring, instruction, and linkages they need to provide the best possible care to their children.

The stories in this report remind us all what it means for a toddler or young child to walk or talk for the first time. And how much a family is changed when a parent learns how to be their child’s first and best teacher.

And the ripple effect that’s created when childcare providers across the state learn new techniques and strategies to bring the best possible care to the families they serve.

As you read this along with other members of CDR’s ever-growing community, I hope you will join me in celebrating CDR’s achievements and those of the children and families we serve. We know we couldn’t do it without you. From the CDR staff, board, and volunteers, and from the families we serve — thank you. We hope you will continue to support CDR’s important work by making gifts, volunteering, and joining us at our community events. Together, let’s continue to transform lives, one step at a time.

Paul F. Scott, Executive Director


Leigh Houghland, Chair
Alex B. Hutcherson II, Vice-Chair
Eddie Robinson, Treasurer
Virginia McLaughlin, Secretary

Betsy Anderson
Robert C. Canfield
T.J. Cardwell
Amanda Deverich
Elizabeth M. Emerson
Rita J. Francavilla
Peter Gore
Sarah R. Houghland
Sarah Kuehl Johnson
John Kueser
Pamela J. Penny
A. Vaughn Poller
Alex Powell
Leon Salzman
Marc B. Sharp
Mary Ann Sleece
Georgia Ann Tetrault
LaTonya Wallace-Conyers
Barbara Watson

I Had Help at Every Turn

The single mom of three young children, Amber Walling turned to CDR for help when she had questions about her children’s development and important milestones.

“Both my girls were tongue tied when they were born and needed speech therapy,” said Amber. “If we hadn’t received services from CDR’s speech therapists, I don’t know where they would be now.”

I’m Learning How to Be a Dad

Being a parent doesn’t always come naturally. For Robert Batts, learning how to be a father meant realizing that finding help and direction from others wasn’t a weakness but a strength.

“Finding help doesn’t mean something is wrong,” said Robert. “I had to admit that I didn’t know everything I needed to know to be a dad.”

CDR Empowered Me

Pregnancy can be an exciting time for a new mom, especially when she’s carrying twins. One day at church while Jackie Waters was expecting her twins, Olivia and Harry, she learned about CDR’s Motherhood program. Before long she was attending infant massage classes as well as the post-partum support group.

Thank you for helping CDR serve children and their families for the past 55 years!

CDR’s impact is possible because of the generosity of the entire community. Individuals, local corporations, civic organizations, and foundations help CDR provide the support and early intervention services needed, right here in Williamsburg, James City County, York County, and Poquoson. Each and every gift — whether it is cash, a stock transfer, recurring gift, in-kind donation, pledged gift for future payment, an estate gift/bequest, or grant from a family foundation or other source — is a commitment to improving the lives of children and families. You make a difference in the life of so many children when you partner with CDR by making a gift.

CDR Donors

Tribute Gifts

In Kind Gifts

Children’s Services

Total number of children and families who received services:

Central Point of Entry =
845 referrals

Parents as Teachers
Adults = 68
Children 0-6 = 98

Early Head Start = 188 children

Pregnant women = 28

Child Development Center at Griffin Yeates = 21

Child Development Center at Lafayette High School = 23

Home based = 116

Infant & Parent Program = 546 children

Number enrolled = 470

Number screened
but not enrolled = 76

Motherhood Parents = 100

Babies = 77

Other Services = 122

Total Count = 1,199

I Knew I Needed Support

When Naomi Kennedy was pregnant with her daughter, Callaway, she thought a lot about being a new parent and worried about her inexperience.

“I understood I needed connection with other moms and that my baby needed me to have a healthy mindset,” said Kennedy.

Cultivating Excellence in Early Childhood Education

At a busy early childcare center, finding the time for teachers’ and staff members’ professional development can be a huge challenge.

“A lot of our staff have been teaching for ten or even twenty years,” said Zamora Logan, the training and curriculum specialist at Bettye Cobb Child Development Center. “It can be difficult to find training programs that my staff hasn’t seen before.”

When Zamora and her staff learned about the Virginia Infant & Toddler Specialist Network (VA ITSN), they knew they had found something special.

“This is a service that is not intrusive,” said Zamora. “The network works with the teachers to improve their skills and build strong and practical knowledge of how children grow, learn, and develop.”

Zamora’s staff worked side-by-side with VA ITSN consultants to learn how to cultivate language in young children and how to help them handle social and emotional situations. One-on-one coaching inspired the teachers to improve their engagement with their children, to test theories, and to set goals in the classroom.


I can actually tell a difference when I observe teachers who’ve had training from VA ITSN and teachers who haven’t.

Zamora Logan

“It really gave the instructors the confidence that they needed,” said Zamora. In the end, Zamora said, it’s the children who benefit the most from teachers who are well-trained.


Served 106 infants and toddlers at childcare programs and family day homes throughout the Commonwealth during the pilot of LENA Grow program.

Launched a new website to provide quick, user-friendly navigation and functionalities for childcare providers searching for information and resources. 

Drew more than 700 registered participants to the VA ITSN LENA Grow program to learn about language development.

Special Thanks

Our Partners


CDR’s Purpose

CDR, a private, non-profit agency, strives to inspire and empower children, families, and early childhood professionals to reach their full potential, whatever their challenges.

Financial Results for 2021-2022

Year Ended 6/30/22

Children’s Services Revenue

by source

Contributions and Gifts $126,045
Grants — Private,
Foundation, Corporation
Grants — Federal $1,744,221
Grants — State and Local $1,362,695
Contracts and Fee $724,015
Donations — In Kind $178,124
TOTAL $4,335,100

Training Revenue

by source

Contributions and Gifts $500
Grants — Federal $612,851
Grants — State and Local $4,653,343
Contracts and Fees $13,695
TOTAL $5,280,389

CDR Revenue

by source

Contributions and Gifts* $1,766,988
Grants — Private,
Foundation, Corporation
Grants — Federal $2,357,072
Grants — State and Local $6,016,038
Contracts and Fee $738,945
Non-Operating Activities ($417,837)
Donations — In Kind $178,124
TOTAL $10,839,330

Children’s Services Expenses

by program

Central Point of Entry $86,209
Child Abuse Prevention $50,395
Developmental Playgroup $96,633
Early Head Start $1,877,613
Early Learning Center Childcare $11,870
Infant & Parent Program $1,589,935
Maternal, Infant, and
Early Childhood Home Visiting
Motherhood $58,265
Parents as Teachers $211,516
Other $34,086
TOTAL** $4,256,125

Training Expenses

by program

Infant Toddler Specialist Network $4,477,150
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultants $221,065
Fatherhood $610,017
Other $21,150
TOTAL $5,329,382

CDR Expenses

by program

Administration*** $846,714
Fundraising & Institutional Investment $455,047
Program Services $9,585,507
TOTAL $10,887,268

* Includes Fund for Children and Endowment gifts    **Before transfer between programs    ***Net of indirect costs

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