Annual Report

Paul F. Scott, Executive Director

thank you for being OUR champions

We’ve heard and read a lot about champions and heroes this past year, and for good reason. Through all the challenges faced together, we’ve witnessed enormous acts of bravery, grit, and heroism, even from the youngest and smallest among us.

At CDR we witness acts of heroism from our champions almost daily: from the therapists who help children learn to walk, talk, eat, and play; from our training department, which provides instruction and assistance to early childhood educators across Virginia; from the family advocates who mentor and educate parents when they need support, guidance, and resources; from the families who never give up on a child with developmental delays or special needs, and  who ask for help when times are tough; and from our littlest champions—the children—who after months of persevering figure out how to swallow, crawl, eat, or say “Mama” or “Dada.” These beautiful and amazing moments occur at CDR every hour, every day, and from year to year—for 56 years now, to be exact.

We hope you enjoy reading about ALL of our CDR champions—the young children, the families, the CDR staff, and friends like you who make CDR’s important work possible. Without your steadfast support and partnership throughout the year, we would not be able to do what we do.

On behalf of the babies and young children we serve, and their families, the CDR Board and staff thank you for being OUR champions.

Finding Help at Every Turn

Jacob Dale’s two-year pediatric appointment started the family on a long journey with CDR. “Jacob wasn’t talking at age two, and his doctor was concerned,” said Jennifer Dale, his mother. “His doctor referred us to CDR for evaluation, and we learned that speech therapy would be critical for his development.”

Before long, Jacob began receiving therapy sessions at his home through CDR’s Infant & Parent Program while his mom participated in CDR’s Parents as Teachers program to learn parenting skills and connect the family to other common resources. At the same time, Tabitha—CDR’s service coordinator and an early childhood special educator—taught Jennifer how to help her son with his speech and overall development.

“I never closed the [daycare] center,” said Lisa. “I was able to remain open throughout the pandemic. I had families who needed me, and I couldn’t let them down.”

— Lisa Will

Guidance and Support During Difficult Times

Managing an in-home daycare center can be challenging under the best of circumstances, but when the global pandemic hit, Lisa Will found herself in uncharted waters.

“All of the places I would normally turn to for help were shutdown,” Lisa said. “My families had questions, I had questions,and I needed help.”

Fortunately, Lisa received guidance from a member of CDR’s Virginia Infant & Toddler Specialist Network (VA ITSN) and found the support she desperately needed.

Early Intervention
Makes All the Difference

Natisha Washington knows very well the difference early intervention can make in the life of a young child. Both of her sons, Asiaiah and Azzan, have been enrolled in CDR’s Early Head Start program and have attended CDR’s First Steps Child Care & Development Centers.

“Asiaiah has learned so much while at the center,” said Natisha. “He now has the foundation he needs to succeed in school and is ahead developmentally for his age.”

Just as Asiaiah was entering kindergarten ready to learn, his younger brother, Azzan, began at CDR’s Child Care & Development Center at Griffin-Yeates in York County. At 16 months of age, Azzan is receiving quality child care and the chance to learn just as his older brother did—all while Natisha works to support her family.

Thank you for helping CDR serve children and their families for the past 55 years!

CDR’s impact is possible because of the generosity of the entire community. Individuals, local corporations, civic organizations, and foundations help CDR provide the support and early intervention services needed, right here in Williamsburg, James City County, York County, and Poquoson. Each and every gift — whether it is cash, a stock transfer, recurring gift, in-kind donation, pledged gift for future payment, an estate gift/bequest, or grant from a family foundation or other source — is a commitment to improving the lives of children and families. You make a difference in the life of so many children when you partner with CDR by making a gift.

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Children’s Services by the Numbers

Number of children and families who received services from:

Parents as Teachers Children Served

  • 46 PAT Adults Served
  • 43 PAT Children Over Three

Other Services

Infant Parent Program

Specialized Therapies and Developmental Services

Developmental Screening (not enrolled)

Responsive Motherhood



Central Point of Entry

Total Unduplicated Count

Early Head Start Children Served

  • 19 EHS Pregnant Women
  • 26 EHS Griffin-Yeates Center
  • 49 EHS Lafayette High School

The Support Our Family Needed

The Stroup family’s journey with CDR began shortly after the family moved to Williamsburg. At their daughter’s well-doctor appointment, Brittany Stroup mentioned that little Amelia’s
speech seemed delayed. Amelia was 16 months old.

“The pediatrician told us we needed to contact CDR for an assessment,” she said. The assessment revealed that Amelia did have a speech delay, and within weeks the toddler was receiving individualized speech therapy services through CDR’s Infant & Parent Program. When COVID-19 arrived, the family continued with telehealth therapies, learning how to encourage Amelia’s language development and overcome other developmental delays. It was during these virtual visits that Beth Pruitt, a CDR speech language pathologist, noticed that Amelia also had difficulty focusing and looking into the computer screen.

Learning to Manage the Ups
and Downs of Motherhood

Navigating the pandemic as a new mother, and also as a newcomer to Williamsburg, proved difficult for Galina Pate. The challenges of breastfeeding, post-partum depression, and being without the support of family and friends made it all seem impossible to the new mom.

“I knew I needed support and interaction,” she said. “I thought the pandemic would make it difficult for me to find help, and then I was encouraged to contact CDR. I did, and everything changed.”

I Know I Am Not Alone

Will Zubieta learned about CDR’s Fatherhood program before his baby was even born. “We were at the hospital, and the staff handed me a brochure about CDR and the programs offered to dads. I made the call right away,” he said.

Will’s motive for contacting CDR was simple. “I knew I needed some guidance,” he said.

It wasn’t long before Will began working with Charles Springer, a CDR fatherhood consultant. The two connected virtually and in person to talk about all things relating to fatherhood. “We got along so well,” said Will. “Charles knew exactly how to help me. I knew I wanted to parent differently than my father, and through discussions and conversations, Charles helped me figure out what I needed to do.”

Did you know? CDR…


Provided individualized services to 1,130 children and parents through our various early childhood programs.


Offered a hybrid combination of virtual and in-person home visits, support groups, training opportunities, instruction and therapy to families and child care professionals across the state.


Raffled a brand-new Kia Soul on St. Patrick’s Day, raising nearly $40,000 for CDR.


Held our First CDR Garden Party and Live Auction at The Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg, raising more than $65,000.


Presented Anne Bradstreet Smith with the Barbara J. Driscoll Humanitarian Award for her longstanding support of CDR’s mission to serve young children and their families.

Special Thanks

Our Partners


CDR’s Purpose

CDR, a private, non-profit agency, strives to inspire and empower children, families, and early childhood professionals to reach their full potential, whatever their challenges.

2020-2021 Board of Directors

Leigh Houghland, Chair
Pamela Penny, Vice-Chair
Eddie Robinson, Treasurer
Virginia McLaughlin, Secretary

Sean J. Allburn
Betsy Anderson
T.J. Cardwell
Amanda Deverich
Susie Dorsey
Elizabeth M. Emerson
Rita J. Francavilla
Peter Gore
Sarah R. Houghland
Alex B. Hutcherson II
Sarah Kuehl Johnson
Deborah L. Nice
A. Vaughn Poller
Alex Powell
Leon Salzma
Marc B. Sharp
Mary Ann Sleece
Georgia Ann Tetrault
Sue Wilson
Paul F. Scott, Executive Director

Financial Results for 2020-2021

Year Ended 6/30/21

Children’s Services Revenue

by source

Contributions and Gifts $119,633
Grants — Private,
Foundation, Corporation
Grants — Federal $1,751,146
Grants — State and Local $1,357,443
Contracts and Fee $628,037
Donations — In Kind $152,811
TOTAL $4,209,070

Training Revenue

by source

Contributions and Gifts $0
Grants — Federal $541,648
Grants — State and Local $5,262,792
Contracts and Fees $75
TOTAL $5,804,515

CDR Revenue

by source

Contributions and Gifts* $4,203,743
Grants — Private,
Foundation, Corporation
Grants — Federal $2,292,794
Grants — State and Local $6,620,235
Contracts and Fee $628,112
Non-Operating Activities $1,783,218
Donations — In Kind $152,811
TOTAL $15,880,913

Children’s Services Expenses

by program

Central Point of Entry $77,551
Developmental Playgroup $104,240
Early Head Start $1,884,263
First Steps Child Care $8,359
Infant & Parent Program $1,470,855
Maternal, Infant, and
Early Childhood Home Visiting
Motherhood $64,621
Parents as Teachers $218,367
Other $7,228
TOTAL** $4,053,262

Training Expenses

by program

Child Abuse Prevention $46,905
Infant Toddler Specialist Network $5,267,790
Fatherhood $544,715
Quality Rating Improvement $16,591
Other $243
TOTAL $5,876,244

CDR Expenses

by program

Administration*** $176,880
Fundraising & Institutional Investment $456,750
Program Services $9,929,506
TOTAL $10,505,722

* Includes Fund for Children, Capital Campaign, and Endowment gifts    **Before transfer between programs    ***Net of indirect costs

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