Developmental Playgroup



Developmental playgroup is one of CDR’s core services—a chance for infants and toddlers to interact with other children of the same age; to explore and play in a safe and exciting environment that might not be available to them at home; to practice the skills they’ll need once they start preschool; and sometimes to work on areas of special need.

Developmental playgroup is available to children enrolled in CDR’s home-based services or therapies. Playgroup is offered Monday through Friday from 9:30am to 11:30am and serves 15-20 children each day. The group is made possible by the United Way, the Williamsburg Health Foundation, Colonial Behavioral Health, Early Head Start, the localities, and other programs, as well as private donors. Community volunteers and students support the work of the playgroup staff.

Developmental playgroups look like pure fun, but everything about them is designed to challenge children to use their motor skills, learn new words, and play on their own as well as with their peers. While the children are busy playing and learning, the parents have a chance to observe them and to meet with other parents for information sharing and support.

Questions or concerns about your child? Call CDR’s TOTS line at 757-566-TOTS.

¿Tiene preguntas acerca de su bebé o niño? llame al 757-566-3300.