CDR is a remarkable story

The Power of Community

These are just a few of the lives touched by CDR.

Franco’s Story

When little Franco was born, his parents learned that their son had significant problems. “He had only two pumping chambers in his heart and three pulmonary arteries instead of four.” Franco was diagnosed with dextrocardia with Situs Inversus, a condition in which the heart and other organs are positioned abnormally. 

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Darius’ Story

When Darius Dixon and his wife were expecting their first child, they knew they needed someone to help them be the best parents they could be. “My wife found out about CDR and enrolled in Early Head Start, and she encouraged me to contact CDR’s Fatherhood Program,” said Darius. 

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Ella’s Story

As a member of the local health care community, Megan Cutler had referred many of her patients to CDR over the years. But it wasn’t until her daughter, Ella, needed services that she realized just what a difference CDR can make.

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Envi’s Story

When Pamela Parker gained custody of her 17-month-old granddaughter, she knew exactly where to turn for help: Child Development Resources. “My own children were enrolled at CDR 25 years ago, and I knew I could get the support I needed for my granddaughter, Envi.”

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Mattox’s Story

Just a few weeks ago Rana Simpson’s son, Mattox, who has Down syndrome, received weekly physical therapy visits in his home through CDR’s Infant & Parent Program. Through therapy Mattox progressed from not being able to sit on his own, to crawling, standing and even taking steps. 

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Susan’s Story

When Susan Gallier opened her daycare center, she thought she knew everything there was to know about taking care of young children.

“I was the oldest of five children, and from the time I was about 10, I was babysitting for my family and our entire neighborhood,” she said.

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Katherine’s Story

When breastfeeding doesn’t seem to be working out for a new mom, depression, anxiety, and a feeling of defeat can quickly set in. That’s what happened to Katherine McEnroe after her son, Jack, was born.

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Colleen’s Story

It’s safe to say that, with three older children, Colleen and Ronnie were comfortable with parenting by the time Trent came long. When Trent’s speech and overall development didn’t progress on schedule, his parents turned to CDR.

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Stay In Touch

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Questions or concerns about your child? 

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